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Trade Marks


To successfully register a Trade Mark, you’ll first need to check that nobody else is already using it in relation to the same or similar goods and services. It’s also important to avoid trademarking words that have become common language in your industry. We are highly skilled trademark lawyers are experienced in undertaking Trade Mark searches and registering Trade Marks. Get in touch to find out how we can help.


It is vital to act quickly when a Trade Mark dispute occurs. Having spent time and money registering your brand or product, the best remedy is to prevent or stop the infringement early. This means staying alert and being proactive in enforcing your legal rights, collecting evidence and going down the injunction route if necessary. We have extensive experience and a strong reputation in the area of Trade Mark dispute resolution and Trade Mark infringement protection.


A Trade Mark that has been used and has some goodwill attached to it can be protected in some countries under the common law of passing off. This law comes into play when a competitor deliberately seeks to benefit by confusing a buyer into thinking that the goods or services on sale have some connection with your product or service, resulting in your business suffering loss and being damaged. Our team can provide legal advice on a passing off issue, claim or dispute.