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There is a common misapprehension that including the copyright symbol on an item has some legal significance. It doesn’t except to the extent that it puts the viewer or reader on notice that copyright is being asserted. To that extent, it is useful and worth including in most cases.

Copyright confers the right of the owner to prevent others from copying their work. It does not make the independent creation of works.


A person infringes your copyright if they copy your work wholly or substantially. In some cases, copying is obvious, but most cases that end up in court are not so clear. There is no hard and fast rule to proving copyright infringement; that’s why it’s vital to seek experienced legal advice as soon as possible when you suspect that your work has been copied. We can offer a useful insight into the court process, assess the opponent and the potential loss, and then recommend the right enforcement action to protect your brand.

IPtractus has assisted clients from a wide variety of sectors with enforcing their copyright claims. We are highly regarded intellectual property solicitors who specialize in copyright protection and infringement. We help those in the creative industries to protect their work from copying, whether wholly or substantially.