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Success in litigation can mean many things, whether securing a swift out of court settlement, preserving a commercial relationship, or indeed fighting it out at the highest courts. Legal disputes can be can be a costly and stressful, so it’s crucial to find a team of lawyers that will pursue the right tactics for you. Ultimately that comes down to experience, insight and ability.

Our breadth of expertise means we are one of the leading law firms for undertaking complex, cross border litigation. Our team represent a diverse range of businesses in India, China, USA, European countries. We operate at the epicenter of the global litigation world.

Our clients value not just our legal expertise – that’s a given – but our tenacity, ability to think creatively and our understanding of the different cultures and jurisdictions in which our clients operate.

Our litigation expertise spans a range of sectors including robotics, life sciences, electrical and electronics communications, internet of things, software and systems, block chains.