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We are some of the most experienced and highly sought-after patent lawyers in INDIA, IPtractus is fluent in technological patent law and its intricacies. We can advise you on all aspects of filing your patent and ensuring a successful strategy that maximises the value of your investments. Patents can be filed for many types of new, technical inventions.

Patent Search

Patentability Search / Novelty Search Services

IPtractus helps clients with a Novelty Search or Patentability Search which is conducted in the early stages of Research & Development. This search is conducted when an inventor is interested in applying for a patent, and wants to determine whether a similar or identical invention already exists.

Freedom To Operate Search Services – FTO

IPtractus assists you in giving you a clearance to release any product. A Freedom to Operate Search is conducted to give an overview on the patent environment with respect to your product, to ensure that the release of your product will not cause any form of infringement.

Patent Licensee / Infringer Identification Services

IPtractus realize the value of a patent, analyzing whether the technology is currently used is vital to almost every available patent option. We believe that detecting infringement drives IP strategy and that claims-based analysis is a key piece to identifying those potential infringers.

Technology Landscape

Iptractus offers Patent Landscape and analysis which is also known as Technology Landscaping. Landscape Analysis involves giving our clients a complete overview based on a very unique and valuable perspective on any specific technology and its commercial interests. Our team has extensive experience and in an array of subject domains such as mechanical, biotechnology, electrical, electronics, telecommunication, Software and systems, internet of things, block chains etc. Our team uses specific strategies to bring out the best landscape reports.

Patent Drafting Services

Patent Drafting Services

Patent Drafting Service at IPtractus is well known for our technology domain expertise in crafting the Patent utility application. We at IPtractus have highly skilled Patent Drafters with technology expertise in Patent Drafting and working across countries specifically in INDIA, USA, EU, CHINA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and UK.

Drafting of Provisional Patent Specification

Drafting of Non-Provisional Patent Specification

Patent Renewals & Maintenance

Our renewals service for patents, trademarks and designs allows you to delegate full responsibility with complete confidence that your annuities and renewals will be handled correctly and cost effectively with minimum demand on your time and department resources.