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We are committed to high standards of service which meet or exceed our client’s expectations. In order to allow us to do this, we encourage clients to maintain a full and frank on going dialogue with ourselves throughout and after a matter not least so that any issues that arise can be dealt with as efficiently and effectively as possible and to help us improve.

However, we also recognize that misunderstandings can happen or things otherwise go wrong. If you are dissatisfied with our performance in any area and for any reason we would like you to raise this with us. Rest assured any issue will be treated seriously and in confidence and dealt with promptly and fairly.


In accordance with our wish to maintain the dialogue referred to above, we would first ask that the individual elected to be the person from whom we are taking instructions (“You/Your”) try to resolve any issue with the person at IPtractus dealing with your file (“the Lawyer”).

We would ask that You contact the Lawyer in the usual way and as soon as possible, since events will be fresh in people’s minds and it might well limit the problem and facilitate a quicker resolution. The Lawyer will make a note of the issue and what (if anything) you would like done about it and try to provide a swift informal resolution. Please note that this raising of the issue will be treated as constructive criticism but not a formal complaint.


If no such resolution is possible, You should confirm this and provide the Lawyer with a full account of the issue in writing preferably by email or registered post if you have already done so in raising the matter informally, tell the Lawyer that you are relying on that as the Written Account. Unless there are exceptional circumstances which prevent you doing so we would ask that you provide us with the Written Account as soon as possible and, in any event, within a timeline to discuss.


We will do our best to keep to the timescales for providing the Lawyer’s Response, Director’s Response and Appeal Decision. However, where this is not possible, we will write to you informing you of this, explaining why not and setting a target by which the response will be made. We have and aim to complete our complaints handling procedure with communicated timeline.

We welcome suggestions and ideas to help us improve our service. If you have any suggestions or questions about our complaints procedure please contact us.